Reinventing Hearing Health Care


We are the game-changer in the hearing care industry and will call a spade a spade when it comes to standing up for what’s right for our patients, and call out standards of our industry that we are not OK with.

We are not OK with over-priced hearing aids, hidden fees, basic care sold as advanced care or marketing messages that misconstrue reality to push sales. Our hearing care industry has lost touch with the patient no matter how many marketing messages out there promise patient centred care. It has become about selling hearing aids not actual treatment.

Once you experince the Ossicle alternative, you’ll see why Ossicle is a positive change.


If you have been told that high end hearing aids cost $6000 a set or more, and that hearing tests are free and that there is no other real solutions for hearing in noise and that it is OK to struggle with hearing aids, then you've been misinformed. Come see us and find out how our approach and delivery model is in a different league that will save you thousands with better treatment outcomes.

We will deliver better results at a better price.

Be our guest, come by and experience it for yourself! Ossicle is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Ossicles are essential to your hearing. They are the smallest bones in your body and the only free floating bones. They connect the ear drum to the inner ear cochlea where hearing takes place. They act as a natural amplifier. They are a bridge to better hearing, as are we. We bridge your way to better hearing with innovative ways of providing you with a clinical experience like none other. One of our differences is that we provide care with a Doctor of Audiology, not just an audiologist or a hearing instrument tech or practitioner. And it will cost you less, our prices are lower and you get to choose what you want from testing to treatment. Get in control of your hearing and see what we have to offer with a free consultation.

Are you looking for an honest opinion on your hearing health and affordable solutions that work?

Techs, practitioners or audiologists have to sell hearing aids to make a living. They are motivated to sell you a hearing aid because that is their business model. That’s why they tell you everything is “free”! Their limited education and industry experience will define your hearing health care. Our Doctor of Audiology on the other hand has advocated for the patient in clinical care since 1997 and have been involved with online hearing health initiatives, provided practice management solutions to hearing clinics throughout Canada, the US and Australia through a company he founded in 2005, and has spoken at multiple professional events over the last 15 years while publishing several articles in industry journals. He is also an Instructor at the University program that educates practitioners. If you want someone who is truly knowledgeable, see Dr. Hilbert, Au.D.

Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. has experience in public and private health settings for 20+ years as a patient advocate, not a hearing aid salesperson.

Can your Audiologist, Practitioner or Tech offer you this wealth of experience and knowledge?

Lawyers turn to Dr. Hilbert for an Expert Opinion. Dr. Hilbert refits hearing aid users from other clinics who aren’t doing well with their aids and get them working well and does not jump to sell them a new one. Dr. Hilbert handles difficult fittings including surgical implant aids and also specializes in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), which is a unique and internationally recognized tinnitus treatment.

You have options.

You could go to any clinic in the Okanagan and get a basic test done often at no charge! Or you can bring your hearing test results in and have them analyzed and retested to ensure accuracy. If you want me to test you, I will charge you for a hearing test. And it is done comprehensively, not a simple test for free that essentially implies that it has no value. It is a simple equation that you get what you pay for. Beware of free services that are only trying to rope you in. Pay for what you need to get what you want. It's your health, go see a doctor not a high-pressure sales person, as in the end, nothing is really free.

Best Price, guaranteed.

And it will cost you less for solutions. Prices aren’t lump amounts shrouded in mystery like you’ll see at the other folks. You know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting. Most clinics will give you a flat rate for product and professional fees. We don't. We will let you know what you need, prepare a real treatment plan for you and it is then up to you how you will proceed. You pay for what you want and need, and it is not the mystery of what you are paying for. It is your health; you need to know what you’re paying for with no hidden costs.

Dr. Hilbert, Au.D.’s approach is distintive.

Come see it for yourself. Anyone can be a professional, but I’ll take it to the next level by managing care with your physician and ENT (Ear Nose Throat specialist) if necessary, and other professionals such as your pharmacist to provide you with an inter-disciplinarian experience for balance concerns, tinnitus, hearing change and more. What other professionals may overlook or miss, Dr. Hilbert provides, because his approach is to look for underlying and related conditions that will impact your hearing health long-term, not just seeing if you need a hearing aid in the short-term.

"I genuinely care and am not just another cookie-cutter clinician you can find anywhere. I follow my patients through to the end to make sure that your quality of life is improved with treatment. I will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every patient will be treated regardless of their situation. I have refined a unique and proven counseling and fitting strategy that simply works. No gimmicks, just the straight goods."

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