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Martin - TRT works

My name is Martin Mills and I have been dealing with tinnitus for over 15 years. Most years of my life the tinnitus has been manageable. Annoying? Yes. Debilitating? No. However, in 2016 it became much more noticeable in my daily life. It became annoying, sleep depriving and generally interfering with my day to day comfort. I had tried some different programs ( 30-60 treatments )that I had found on the internet. They provided minimal, if any, relief and so I was left frustrated again by my tinnitus.

I found Ossicle Hearing and Dr. Hilbert one day whilst driving my wife to an appointment. I thought I have absolutely nothing to lose so I went in to get some information about the tinnitus treatment programs. I was greeted by Jenn at the front desk who was friendly and knowledgeable. Jenn arranged for me to have a complimentary appointment with Dr. Hilbert to assess my tinnitus and outline a treatment program. Dr. Hilbert was great in explaining all the technical details of tinnitus, possible causes and treatments. Hi indicated that his TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) could make a difference in my life. I was determined to make an effort to deal with this situation once and for all, so I signed up for his program.

Detailed hearing tests were conducted and my tinnitus assessed in a professional manner. Dr. Hilbert gathered all the information necessary to create a baseline for initiating the therapy.

Dr. Hilbert provided me with a pair of devices capable of creating a sound generation program.  I wore them throughout my waking day and at no time did they feel uncomfortable or irritable. In fact, after a while, I rarely noticed they were on – so much so that one day I even walked into my shower with them on!! Every few weeks I would come back and Dr. Hilbert would take another set of measurements to see whether or not his program was making a difference. At first, I was skeptical as there did not appear to be any noticeable difference. But Dr. Hilbert was great in encouraging me to stick with the program. As one of his assistants stated to me ….”The tinnitus has been there for years, don’t expect that it will go away in minutes!” So I stuck with the program. After a month or two I started to notice that I didn’t notice my tinnitus too much. Again, Dr. Hilbert was monitoring my progress and reflected back to me that my levels were going down with each visit. Soon I started to take the devices off for a day – just to rest my ears. Again, I noticed that I did not notice the tinnitus.

So after about 4 months of the tinnitus retraining therapy I started wearing the devices every other day. The tinnitus was completely manageable. I had learned ways to deal with it if it came on in certain situations.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Hilbert and his team for providing me with relief that I never thought would happen. After 15 years I feel as though I have a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Hilbert.

Martin Mills

Kelowna, BC

May 31, 2017

Elizabeth - Thanks

I am forever grateful for all that you have done in making my hearing successful and even keeping me in the career that I am so passionate about.

So thank you again!


Jenny and Michael - hearing, again

Yesterday I was in your office with my Dad.

I would like to thank you for the excellent care we received. Dr. Hilbert was kind and carefully explained where my Dad's hearing is at, and gave us plenty of information to review to improve his quality of life.

We appreciated that it was not a pushing sales pitch. My Dad will need a bit of time to go over the reports with us. We want to help him figure out what is best for him at this time stage of his life.

...Update after the fitting…

Good Afternoon Dr. Markus

My family (6 siblings) are so excited!

Dad and I had to stop in at the walk in clinic.  We were able to sit and quietly have a whispering conversation.  I did not have to repeat anything! 

Sara - more than just a test

I can't thank you enough for caring about me as a person and not just a routine audiogram! I truly appreciate your passion... thank you so much!

Ken - patient with patients

It is with pleasure that I write this to inform any of your new clients that you have been the most patient of any of the audiologists or audiology techs that I have been to. Your calm and comforting demeanor makes me feel wanted and respected as a client with the sole goal of achieving my personal hearing success.

In my profession as a Commercial Realtor, I cannot afford to misinterpret what my clients' wishes are. You have made it possible for me to listen properly. Thank you and feel free to post or give a copy of this letter to any client with the same challenges.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken McLaughlin, B. Comm., ACP

MacLaughlin Commercial Group

Hal & Astrid - care and understanding

Markus did not keep us waiting. He very politely introduced himself, and after talking to Hal for just a few minutes and investigating his hearing situation at length, he seamlessly adjusted to Hal's memory loss. Markus explained to both of us his findings, and I learned a lot in that session to make our life easier.

Audiologists who know their craft , and just as importantly , treat the clients with care and genuine understanding, are not easy to come by. And so we hope that Markus will look after my husband for a very long time.

We would very much appreciate that.


Hal and Astrid Wright

Mike & Anne Marie - pleased with care

It is, without hesitation, that we can recommend Markus Hilbert. He initially worked with my brother who has been profoundly hard of hearing since birth and needed a new hearing aid. Markus was professional but at the same time took an interest in his situation. Subsequently, both my husband and I have been tested and are very pleased with the care Markus has given us.

Mike and Anne Marie Brousseau

Lawrence - exceeding expectations

I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 20 years. Recently I was fortunate to find Dr. Markus Hilbert. I am very impressed with the great service I have received from Dr. Hilbert. From my initial appointment to the final fitting Dr. Hilbert has been professional, knowledgeable and committed to providing me with the best hearing aids to meet my individual hearing needs. Dr. Hilbert accomplished and exceeded my expectations and today I am the proud wearer of the best hearing aids I have ever been fitted with. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Dr. Hilbert to anyone who is experiencing hearing issues.

Lawrence Moman

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