Our People

Who are the people behind the new Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre?

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D.

Markus Hilbert

Let’s introduce our Doctor of Audiology! Dr. Markus Hilbert was formerly associated with Expert Hearing Solutions and is now an independent care provider.

Markus Hilbert, Au.D. studied at the University of Alberta, Portland State University and Salus University. He has been in private practice in Calgary after gaining some experience after graduating from his Masters Program. He has also worked with Alberta Health Services, set up clinics in India and Africa and continues to seek ways to improve the practice of Audiology. He has been an industry leader in education, professional training, practice management, patient care program development, online marketing, consumer advocacy and clinical program development. Dr. Hilbert has worked to assist many clinics across Canada, the US and Australia with a number of customized Audiology services for clinics and has lent his experience to a number of venues to address patient care standards, protocols, and services. He now has adjusted his career to provide a new, cutting edge audiology offering to niche demographics of all ages requiring specialized services in Kelowna. By providing more testing, treatment and technology solutions, Dr. Hilbert's practice of Audiology goes a step further to providing the best in patient care. Dr. Hilbert provides evidence-based care with proven results over a successful career. Experience that benefits you.

"My purpose is to continue to provide personable and professional hearing care for all ages. Hi, I’m Markus, your local Doctor of Audiology. I’m passionate about helping people hear properly and have started this service because I think people are being confused, pressured into buying aids and spending too much. Let’s take a breath. Let’s talk.

I am a family man with 3 kids and loving life in the Okanagan. I have been in the industry since I was 16 when my mom started as a tech in the industry. I now wear hearing aids as well, and have been using them since 2000 – so I understand the frustrations of untreated hearing loss, the challenges of restoring hearing and the pros and cons of using hearing aids on a daily basis. Empathy goes a long way. Dr. Hilbert says it like it is, not fluff, no nonsense. I have refined a unique and proven counseling and fitting strategy that simply works. No gimmicks, just the straight goods.”

Rachel Mraz, Managing Director

Rachel Mraz

"Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see improved or enhanced, changed or addressed by filling out this form that comes to me directly and confidentially. Welcome and may we serve you beyond your expectations!"

Rachel is the proud Owner and Managing Director of Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre. With a plethora of leadership and customer service experience she is committed to making your experience at Ossicle the best hearing clinic experience you’ve ever had, anywhere.

Jennifer Kasper

Jenn Web Photo 2

Jennifer is our Patient Care Coordinator and Experience Manager for the Hearing and Tinnitus Centre and the Welcoming Committee for Massage, Craniosacral and more. She is highly motivated to make your experience at Ossicle a memorable one from welcoming you to the office, hosting your stay with us with personalized beverage service and more. You have to experience her special touch to know that you are in good hands from the moment you walk in the door!

Treina Collin RMT - Registered Massage Therapist

Treina Collin

Choosing to become a health care provider as a Registered Massage Therapist has been the most rewarding experience I could ever imagine. I take great pride and passion in helping people achieve a pain-free environment so they can choose to live longer, healthy lives. I truly believe that healing the body naturally is one the best ways to help clients restore and prevent ailments that one can endure on a daily basis. Along with my education, my hands are my tools that I use in an intuitive way to find those areas that are in need of repair and healing so you can achieve a more joyful, full filling, active life.

Treina has always been fascinated and interested in how the body can heal and the power of touch. She has been active in various sports such as gymnastics and gymkhana, fastball, skiing, and motor biking, curling, fishing, and hunting. After a motorbike accident and a knee injury, she was left with no ACL. With her degree and her knowledge and her ‘hands on’ techniques, she rehabilitated herself in a fraction amount of time that it normally would have taken. By doing home care that consists of some hydrotherapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, she can live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle. She knows first hand, that massage therapy truly works!

Treina will discuss a treatment plan that best suits you. Her main specialty is deep tissue, myofacial, sports injury, joint play, Trigger Point work, chronic pain issues, headaches and other various “syndromes” within the body. Treina will share knowledge with you to educate you about home care techniques you can use to live your life to its fullest.

William & Associates Consultant Services

Bill & SJ Kelowna

Bill and Susannah-Joy have been helping people to find solutions to life's challenges for over 30 years.

They provide our Tinnitus care program a valuable asset in their trauma-focused counselling service that coupled with craniosacral therapy helps reduce the impact of an over-active fight-and-flight response that is core to the issue of bothersome tinnitus.

Counselling, coaching, and assessments are provided with the highest regard for clients' privacy and safety. The goal is always to help people by accurately assessing the challenges which impact quality of life and then collaborating in developing solutions that work.

Whether in their office, online, in a group, through workshops, or community involvement, Bill and Susannah-Joy are passionately committed to help others Live Stronger, Work Wiser, & Love Deeper.


Brittany Nerpin, RHN - Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Brittany Nerpin

"I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and fitness enthusiast. I love life and I live to love; not too long ago I was forty pounds heavier and in a tired rut - until I found whole foods and practiced self love, my life was no where near this clear. It seems only natural to share my knowledge and experiences with those who want to live a holistic life through balancing all the bad with all the good. I'm living proof that eating healthy is sustainable! Anyone can do it! My ultimate goal with developing Way to Wellness is to enable you the power to take back control of your life, your health and lead you on a path to success.I individualistically experienced and developed simple techniques to live a balanced lifestyle while incorporating a whole foods diet and exercise.

Why Way To Wellness?

The premise of Way to Wellness is simple - make healthy living obtain able and sustainable for everyone through natural nutrition. I personally know how badly you want to see results without having to spend long hours in the gym or break the bank with hiring personal trainers. I also understand the misconception you feel when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t be eating and WHEN - I’ve been there! A healthy lifestyle is NOT about society’s standards revolving around fads or quick fixes. It’s NOT about a dislike for exercise, food or yourself. Way to Wellness' programs offers you the tools and resources to start a positive relationship with your body through self love and motivation. Food is fun. Loving yourself is even more fun. It’s time to be proud of who you are. Are you ready to start your way to wellness?”

jolene mackie, artist

Jolene Photo

Rachel loves art, and all things beautiful. In celebrating the beauty of sound at the clinic, Rachel also celebrates the beauty in art and our community. Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre is proud to showcase the Art of local artist Jolene Mackie. Jolene Mackie is an artist living and working in Kelowna BC. Her current series of work bridges her fascination with the beauty in the world around us, and the magic of the human imagination. By exploring these themes Jolene takes the opportunity to reflect on the brevity of human existence, and find joy and whimsy in the imagination. It is easy to be humbled by the human experience – while art and culture is something that can ground us in the present moment, and allow us to truly appreciate our world. When you’re in the office, enjoy the Art, and if you wish to purchase it for your own home and enjoyment, let us know so we can connect you with Jolene.


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